Blood Pressure

Myths, Facts, and Solutions

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Cardiovascular disease is currently the Leading Cause of Death in the World and the number of deaths is only expected to grow unless something is done right now to change it.

We must start by asking the right questions, because the Quality of your Life, depends on the Quality of the Questions You Ask. What are some of the questions that you typically ask your doctor about your heart health?

The Typical Questions

- What do I have?

- What medication should I take?

- What surgery or treatment should I get?

This is the mindset of the average person and the average response of a Medical Doctor is:

Typical Response from a Doctor

- You Have "_____" Condition, Syndrome, Disease

- You need this medication

- If that doesn't work, you'll need these medications

- If none of that works, then we'll have to perform surgery

It's this model of healthcare and mindset that has brought us to our current problem where 1 out of 3 Americans is dying of heart disease and an estimated 1 person is dying every 40 seconds from heart disease. If this approach to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular problems actually worked then we should see a massive reduction in cardiovascular disease, however, it's exactly the opposite.

So we need to change our mindset and we need to start asking different questions if we want to find the right answers.

This is the New Mindset and the future of healthcare, Your Body is Intelligent. Today, most people think that the body works fine until it doesn't, much like a car that only has a certain amount of miles it can drive until it just stops running. This mechanistic type of thinking has confused people to the point that they think they're bodies are stupid and they require medications or surgery in order to correct the problem.

What if our bodies are actually intelligent and they are communicating with us constantly?

If we could learn to speak the language of our physiology then we would be able to understand what's going on without evening needing a specialized test. This is the goal of this video course, to help you understand your physiology so you can give your body exactly what it needs.

The first step to changing your mindset when it comes to Health is asking the right questions, so the next time you go to your doctor, ask these questions.

The Intelligent Questions:

- Why do I have this symptom?

- What is happening physiologically in my body?

- What is the root cause of the issue?

These questions require a massive amount of critical thinking and an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology in order to answer them properly.

If you ask your doctor these questions and they give you the typical responses listed below then it's time to fire that doctor because they aren't thinking critically and they certainly aren't looking at the current research.

Confused Doctor Responses

- You have this disease because it's Genetic

- You have this illness, because of a Bacteria, Virus, or Fungi

- We need to remove the organ because it's Malfunctioning

Please consider firing your doctor if they give you any of these responses and hopefully you can find a doctor that understands how to work with the intelligence of the human body.

Learn to Work with Your Body

The information in this course is designed to help you understand exactly how to heal your body without the use of medications or surgery by using critical thinking and applying scientifically proven methods of natural healing to your life. By the end of this course you'll understand what blood pressure is, why it could be high, how to normalize your blood pressure, and most importantly, how to improve your cardiovascular and overall health.

Ultimately, the goal of this course is to empower you to Take Charge of Your Health!

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Dr. Bergman DC

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